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Octopus one-minute Glaucoma Screening Test launched by Haag-Streit UK

20 Jul 2016 by Robina Moss

Haag-Streit Octopus 900Optometry and ophthalmic equipment manufacturer Haag-Streit (HS-UK) has launched its new one-minute Glaucoma Screening Test (GST) for its Octopus perimeter range.

The test is clinically validated and available on both the Octopus 900 and Octopus 600 perimeters. It uses a multi-sampling approach, which takes less than one minute to complete in people with normal vision.

The fast test time has been achieved by testing 28 spatial locations that are likely to carry significant information regarding the likelihood of disease. HS-UK highlights that the purpose of the screening test is to identify any abnormality, rather than characterise its spatial nature.

The new test has been optimised for the detection of glaucoma with its sensitivity. It shows stimuli at a light intensity level that 95% of patients with normal visual fields should be able to see, according to the company.

The GST is available as part of the EyeSuite software and can be run with the white/white stimulus on both the Octopus 900 and Octopus 600, and also with the Pulsar stimulus on the Octopus 600.

HS-UK product manager for the Octopus, Sam Laidlaw, said: “This novel qualitative screening test has found an optimal balance between the needs of a shorter test duration for a cost-effective screening test and the high sensitivity and specificity needed for the detection of disease.

“Thanks to this design, it is an excellent tool for routine screening in clinical practice.”

For more information, telephone Haag-Streit UK on 0127 988 3807 or visit the Haag-Streit website.


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