Third generation Ocular Response Analyzer is launched

Corneal Compensated IOP measurement ‘superior predictor of glaucoma progression,’ according to Reichert Technologies

18 Jul 2016 by Robina Moss

Reichert Ocular Response Analyzer G3Reichert Technologies has launched the ‘Ocular Response Analyzer G3,’ highlighting that it is “the only tonometer capable of measuring Corneal Hysteresis, a superior predictor of glaucoma progression.”

The instrument also provides the patented Corneal Compensated IOP (IOPcc) measurement, which is said by the company to be a better indication of pressure than other methods of tonometry.

Corneal Hysteresis is an indication of the biomechanical properties of the cornea. The information is different from thickness or topography, which are geometrical attributes of the cornea.

Corneal Hysteresis is a tissue property that provides additional comprehensive information about ocular biomechanics. A low Corneal Hysteresis measurement has been shown to be a glaucoma progression risk factor.

The third generation ‘Ocular Response Analyzer’ from Reichert Technologies is its most user-friendly. Its fully automated alignment, along with the design without a chinrest, make for a fast and simple measurement that can be delegated to a trained technician, according to the company.

The ‘Ocular Response Analyzer G3’ has been engineered to have improved measurement repeatability over previous models, and its ability to connect to electronic medical record (EMR) systems makes patient record keeping easier.

For more information, visit the Reichert website.


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