A four-in-one launch

New Nidek Tonoref III pre screen device from Birmingham Optical offering ‘fast test time and gentle puff’

08 Jun 2016 by Robina Moss

Nidek Tonoref IIIBirmingham Optical has launched its new Nidek Tonoref III pre screen device for the independent sector.

The four-in-one instrument combines the functionality of an auto-refractor, auto-keratometer, non-contact tonometer and non-contact pachymeter into one compact device.

Birmingham Optical highlights that Nidek was the first manufacturer to combine an autoref/keratometer with a non-contact tonometer and has built on its experience to introduce the “highly accurate, user-friendly, space-saving design.”

The incorporation of a non-contact pachymeter enables automated calculation of corrected intraocular pressures (IOP) based on the pachymetry data.

The Nidek Tonoref III maintains the same compact size as its predecessor despite the addition of the non-contact pachymeter. Additionally, it incorporates two clinically important functions, accommodation measurement and opacity observation of the optical media of the eye.

Head of clinical affairs at Birmingham Optical, Jason Higginbotham, said: “The huge success of the Nidek Tonoref III launch is thanks to the accuracy, repeatability and ease of use as well as its compact design.”

He concluded: “Nidek always consider patient comfort and the Tonoref III delivers once again to ensure a fast test time and gentle puff.”

For more information, visit the Birmingham Optical website, telephone 0808 123 2020 or email info@birminghamoptical.co.uk


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