Pretty in pink – and yellow

New colours launched for Glasklar refillable lens cleaner bottles which are designed to drive customers back into a practice

Glasklar refillable bottles

Positive Impact has launched two new atomiser colours for Glasklar, the customer loyalty concept driven by personalised and refillable spectacle lens cleaner bottles. The addition of pink and yellow takes the range of colour options for the lens cleaner bottles up to 10.

The company has also announced that its dispenser bottles for the cleaner, RefillBAR, which are used by patients to refill the bottles in practice, can now be laser etched with the practice logo.

Positive Impact joint managing director, Maxine Green, said: “I think the independent sector is recognising that it has never been more important to ensure patient retention.

“To generate customer loyalty, you need to develop stronger relationships than can be achieved from a biennial visit. Any tool that can increase footfall, whilst adding a valuable service to the patient, in the way that Glasklar does, will be well received.”

Ms Green added: “Finding good customers is hard and potentially expensive, so keeping them is essential. Optics is challenged, when you consider the loss leader status of the eye exam, and the return on investment rarely comes with the first visit.

“Consumers have generally become accustomed to rewards and incentives and for instance have become card-carrying members of airlines and supermarkets. We think patients should become bottle-carrying ambassadors for their practice,” she concluded.

For more information, visit the Glasklar website.