Improved tonometer is launched

New development from Mainline Instruments ‘suitable for all types of patients, including the very young and the elderly’

21 Mar 2016 by Robina Moss

Child being examined by the ic100 Icare tonometer Mainline Instruments has launched its latest development in glaucoma testing equipment – the ic100 Icare tonometer.

Icare tonometers are designed to quickly and easily test for glaucoma in ‘at risk’ patients. They are commonly favoured by practitioners as an alternative to the traditional ‘puffer test’ which some patients dislike. Also eliminating the need for anaesthetic eye drops, the ic100 is based on a rebound measuring principle.

Intra-ocular pressure (IOP) is measured by using a very light probe to make momentary and gentle contact with the patient’s cornea. This makes the Icare ic100 tonomoter suitable for use with all kinds of patients including the very young and the elderly, according to the company.

Mainline Instruments director, Simon Hawkins, said: “With the ic100, testing is not only more accurate, but easier than ever. All a user needs to do is to load a disposable probe into the probe base, use the intelligent positioning assistant to align the tonometer with the patient’s eye and press a single button to receive a clear, highly accurate IOP reading on the device’s digital interface. No specialist training is required.”

Optometrist Pamela Robertson, of Angus Optix, Angus, Scotland, said: “Having used the ic100’s predecessor, I didn’t think there were any improvements to be made. However, the guide that lets you know whether you are too close, or too far, from the patient has made the tonometer even easier to use.”

She added: “The ergonomics are also improved on the latest model. Our patients find the ic100 very easy to hold onto during measurement. They certainly appreciate ‘puff’-free IOP measurement.”

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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