Practice interiors 'becoming more sophisticated'

Mewscraft reveals the cost and aesthetic advantages of LED lighting, plus colour trends for 2016

Practice interiors becoming more sophisticated

Mewscraft’s view of what’s new in 2016 for practice interiors involves a more sophisticated use of colour, light, space and fashion “to improve the customer experience.”

Hal Cripwell, owner of the practice interior design company, highlighted that waiting areas this year are becoming “more generous and comfortable.”

“Gone is a row of tired chairs against the shop window,” he told OT, adding: “Trends are for comfortable and practical seating – some with arms for ease of use for elderly patients – but also the use of small sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and calm lighting.”


Trends for practice lighting continue to evolve at a rapid pace. “LED lighting is the way forward, both in terms of background lighting, and to bring presence and drama to the spectacles on display,” said Mr Cripwell.

“Although the initial outlay can be more than traditional fluorescent or halogen fittings, the benefits are huge in terms of maintenance and running costs,” he added.

He predicted that practice interiors will incorporate more LED-illuminated shelves “as a stylish and classy display,” but may be complemented by more conventional displays for frames, including lockable rods. “However, these can benefit from being backlit, especially to show off ranges of sunglasses,” he advised.

Turning to practice reception desks, Mr Cripwell highlighted that they tended to need to act as multi-functional workstations with space needed for a computer, a till, a printer and a telephone, as well as storage. “But they must still provide a welcoming and impressive focus for patients entering the practice,” he warned.

Colour trends are another important area for practice interiors. Mr Cripwell told OT: “The cappuccino and mocha colour shades so popular a year or two ago are giving way to bright, fresh colour schemes.”

He added: “Accent colours are likely to reflect the overall company brand image, website, and literature, and will be used tastefully within selected areas. This may not be confined to walls alone, with other little touches here and there continually reminding the patient in a quiet way that they are in a particular practice.”

“Gold and copper colours are likely to be seen in the latest designs for 2016,” he concluded.

For more information, visit the company’s website.