Sweet music for Keeler with successful Symphony Q launch

New digital slit lamp offered in two version

17 Aug 2015 by Robina Moss

Keeler has launched a new digital slit lamp, the Symphony Q series. The Symphony Q series comes in two variants, Digital and Digital Ready units, both of which offer several enhanced features.

The Symphony Q series enables the user to manage the camera exposure and slit lamp illumination from the base unit dashboard, and capture the image using the joystick trigger button to freeze frame and to save the image. 

Background illumination can be controlled independently of the main illumination to ensure that image contrast levels are optimal.

Keeler Kapture software is an image management system that stores patient data and images. The database has features to add notes and store detailed demographic information. 

Kapture software has several options, including the ability to upgrade to include video capture, or full network connectivity to enable review stations to be added, or for the data to be stored on a server.

The Symphony Q series Digital comes with Kapture software and the camera, while the Symphony Q series Digital Ready comes without the software and camera but can be easily upgraded later to a full system by purchasing the Keeler camera module together with Kapture.

For more information, visit the Keeler website


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