Launch success for the SGL Group

'Increasing demand' from practitioners for new trial frame

17 Aug 2015 by Robina Moss

Ophthalmic and medical equipment company the SGL Group has seen the successful launch of the new SEA3 universal trial frame, which doubles as a paediatric trial frame. 

The SGL Group, based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, is the official UK distributor for SEA3 optical products and has reported seeing increasing demand from practitioners across the UK and Europe for the new SEA3 Model SS1 trial frame. 

The design and features of the SEA3 trial frame are said by the company to take innovation a step further. The new model has been made with improved durability and functionality. 

The trial frame is lightweight, weighing only 49 grams and is made of a medical grade hypoallergenic material. It features ‘Flip Tips,’ a unique hygienic replacement system and comes with a lifetime replaceable parts warranty.

SGL Group research and development consultant, Daniel Crown, told OT: "This is another great product from SEA3 to join our current portfolio, which continues to be successful. What's fantastic is that SEA3 has allowed us to extend the introductory offer price of only £289."

Mr Crown added: “This year has seen SGL bring to the market several new items and services. With new exciting developments over the next few months taking place, coupled with new proposed satellite sites, SGL will be bringing some new exciting changes to the world of ophthalmics.”

For more information, visit the SGL Group website


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