Delivery begins for Spectralis Widefield Imaging Module

Easier detection of peripheral pathologies, says Heidelberg Engineering

13 Aug 2015 by Robina Moss

The first Spectralis Widefield Imaging Modules have been delivered in the UK by Heidelberg Engineering. They provide the standard field of view of a mydriatic fundus camera for all the company’s Spectralis fundus and optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging modalities, simplifying diagnostic protocols and aiding the detection of peripheral pathology.

The Widefield Imaging Module is one of the latest additions to the Spectralis system, an expandable diagnostic imaging platform which combines scanning laser fundus imaging with high-resolution OCT.

The Widefield Imaging Module provides a 55° field of view for all Spectralis fundus imaging modalities including ‘MultiColor,’ ‘BluePeak,’ infrared reflectance, angiography and also OCT. Covering the macula, the optic nerve head and areas in a single image, the Widefield Imaging Module is said by the company to facilitate comprehensive diagnostics. 

The high-resolution, high-contrast scanning laser images captured with the Spectralis module offer diagnostic capabilities superior to conventional fundus photography, according to the company.

The Heidelberg Engineering Academy has also launched a video tutorial. It is an interactive video, which enables flexible and individual learning even when a Spectralis device is not readily available. 

The tutorial can be downloaded via the Heidelberg Engineering website.


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