Portable slit lamp passes stringent standards

Rigorous testing and minor design improvements for Clement Clarke

03 Jul 2015 by Robina Moss

Haag Streit (HS-UK) has announced that the Clement Clarke Ophthalmic ‘BA904’ portable slit lamp is now fully-compilable with the stringent third edition standards, IEC 60601–1.

The ‘BA904’ is the only portable slit lamp which has HS-UK’s optical system. The hand-held device can be used to examine patients unable to sit comfortably at a larger slit lamp, and can be easily reassembled for the more traditional joystick/headrest operation. 

In order to meet the specified standards, the device has undergone rigorous safety, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental testing, including temperature range, vibration and humidity testing.

Minor design improvements have also been carried out which mean that the base of the device now benefits from a sturdier and more solid design, which provides more stability for the user. 

HS-UK product manager, Sam Laidlaw, said: “Manufactured in the UK, Clement Clarke Ophthalmic has dedicated a substantial amount of time, budget and resource to ensure that the ‘BA904’ meets the specified strict standards. It is a popular product within the Clement Clarke Ophthalmic portfolio and is used worldwide.”

HS-UK said that the CE-marked slit lamp has been designed and manufactured to the highest possible specification, with all of its plastic parts completely flame-retardant.

For more information, call 01279 883 807 or visit the Haag-Streit UK website.  


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