Menicon launches multifocal calculator

The digital calculator aims to improve the possibility of achieving first fit success

lens near eye
Pixabay/Martin Slavoljubovski

Menicon has launched a new digital calculator to support eye care professionals in prescribing the correct monthly multifocal lenses.

Multifocal calculator

Designed to help increase the chances of first fit success, the multifocal calculator is now live on Menicon’s UK website.

“Achieving first fit success with a patient who is perhaps coming to multifocal lenses for the first time can be challenging,” commented Andrew Ferguson, sales manager for Menicon UK’s frequent replacement division.

“Our new multifocal calculator produces an instant starting point result, increasing the chances of the patient being fitted with the optimal lens for their particular needs,” Mr Ferguson added. “This approach, together with the lens’ innovative Hi-Add design with a decentred near zone, is likely to produce high levels of patient satisfaction. This in turn will increase their loyalty to the practice.”

The calculators can be viewed on any digital device, including mobiles, and comes as a follow-up to Menicon’s toric calculator, which launched in July to help make the fitting of toric lenses simpler.

Commenting on the use of the calculators, Neil Retallic, Menicon’s European professional services director said: “Our online calculators are being well used across Europe, which is understandable given that patient contact time is still being kept to a minimum due to the pandemic.”