CooperVision upgrades OptiExpert app

The app features a more intuitive design and includes a new smart prescription calculator

CooperVision has revealed an upgrade to its free OptiExpert app, aiming to enhance the user experience and make contact lens selection easier.

The app includes an upgraded ‘smart prescription’ calculator, which the company says includes a sphere, toric, multifocal and toric multifocal calculator in one.

Offering a new, intuitive design, the company has designed the app to be easier to navigate, and improved the search options to generate more recommendations for a larger number of patients.

The OptiExpert system will continue to offer additional functions, including the digital Efron Grading Scales and oxygen profiles, while aiming to support clinical decision-making and patient management to make contact lens selection easier.

Commenting on the upgrades, Krupa Patel, head of professional services at CooperVision, said the new upgrade has considered the views of the eye care community to find out what improvements would make the app more useful for practitioners.

“The latest generation of OptiExpert is now simpler to use than ever before,” Ms Patel said. “The smart prescription calculator in particular will speed up the initial lens selection process saving valuable time, which is incredibly important in the current circumstances.”