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Menicon announce UK launch of daily disposable toric contact lens

Launching 1 September, the new product aims to offer the benefits of the Miru 1day Flat Pack to wearers requiring toric lenses

Menicon toric
Menicon has announced plans to launch a toric version of Miru 1day Flat Pack contact lens in the UK in September.

Launching from 1 September, it will mark the first time Menicon UK has released a lens for astigmatism for daily disposable use.

The lens features Smart Fit technology with a thin bi-aspheric toric design which matches natural eyelid contours and self-orients, no matter how the lens is placed in the eye.

The lens also benefits from a smooth, low-edge profile, allowing for comfort, while the lens material bonds with tears to lock in moisture and allow for rapid lens rehydration when blinking.

Calling the original, spherical, Miru 1day Flat Pack disposable lens “ahead of its time,” Neil Retallic, European professional services director for Menicon commented, “For us it made sense to offer all these benefits – lens performance, comfort, hygiene and eco-friendly packaging – to wearers who require toric lenses too.”

The launch of the toric lens also marks an expansion of Menicon’s products featuring SmartTouch packaging. At just 1mm thick, the slim design is crafted to be transportable, while also ensuring the patient only touches the outer surface of the lens.

The company suggests this offers hygiene benefits and “attracts three times less bacterial contamination compared to conventional packaging.”

“Menicon conducted a survey that revealed that 80% of wearers would like their lenses to be easier to handle,” Mr Retallic explained. “Smart Touch is a nifty solution as it really does give hygienic hassle-free handling because the lens is always the right way up in the packaging, avoiding the need to touch the inner lens surface when applying to your eye.”

The launch of the toric lens comes as a result of the success of the original spherical lens and an aim to give wearers with astigmatism more choice, Mr Retallic explained, “not only in terms of the lens itself but also in terms of making an informed choice that contributes towards waste reduction.”

Menicon suggests the Flat Pack packaging uses less raw materials and is recyclable, resulting in 80% less waste compared to conventional packaging. The storage case is also made from the moulds that produce the lenses.

“It ticks all the boxes,” Mr Retallic said of the lens.

Asked how the UK launch of the product had been affected by COVID-19, Mr Retallic explained, “The pandemic meant we had to think very carefully about when to introduce the lens in the UK market, and to ensure we provided the right resources for practices, given the ongoing social distancing requirements.”

As part of its aims to help make fittings simple for practitioners, the company created new digital tools including the Toric Calculator and e-learning modules.

To support the launch of the new lens, Menicon plans to update the calculator, and release a new e-learning module to help practitioners develop knowledge around the product.