Menicon launch virtual toric calculator

Designed to help eye care professionals select their initial lens choices for a fitting, the toric calculator launches in the UK this week

Menicon product
Menicon has launched a new digital tool aiming to help make the fitting of toric lenses simpler and easier.

Using the new Toric Calculator, eye care professionals can input a patient’s spectacle prescription and receive a recommendation for a starting lens to use with Menicon’s toric products.

The calculation includes input fields for sphere, cyl and axis, as well as a sliding scale for back vertex distance, accounting for the difference in where the spectacles sit compared to the contact lenses. Eye care professionals can then opt to see recommendations from Menicon’s product ranges.

“Of course, ECPs will use this in combination with their own professional judgement to select their initial lens choices,” explained Neil Retallic, European professional services director for Menicon.


The calculator is available on Menicon’s website and is available in several different languages. The tool is due to launch this week in the UK and can be used on a phone or desktop.

“The tool will link in to the website so ECPs can click straight to the website page for more information, or download a PDF of the product and its full specification ranges,” explained Mr Retallic. “We’re trying to put everything in one place so it is simpler and easier for people when they are fitting lenses.”

As practitioners return to delivering routine care, Menicon hopes the new tool can be integrated into practice and support professional judgement.

Mr Retallic added: “I think contact lenses are at the heart of a lot of people’s businesses now, so it’s a case of getting back into practice and being able to remind patients that you are open and there for them.”

Considering how practices are adapting following the lockdown, Mr Retallic suggested that patient journeys and the way services are delivered may change to reduce close contact time and make more use of screening for additional information in advance of appointments.

He emphasised that customers still have a desire to wear their contact lenses for certain activities, commenting: “As an optometrist or contact lens optician, you want to be able to offer people the best advice you can from what their eyewear needs are and you need to give the recommendation that best suits all of their lifestyle options, including spectacles, sunglasses and contact lenses.”

Recently, the company has extended the parameter range of its Miru 1 Month toric lenses due to the success of the product, which is now available in a -2.25D cylinder.

Looking ahead, Menicon is planning for the UK launch of its Miru Flat Pack daily disposable toric lens, featuring Smart Touch technology and eco-friendly packaging. Designed with the lens the right way up in the packaging, the consumer-driven packaging helps the wearer avoid touching the inner lens surface during application, which the company suggests provides a more hygienic hassle-free handling experience.