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Behind the brand

Small but mighty

Visioneering Technologies Inc shares its plans to enhance its contact lens product line in the year ahead

boy covering eye

What makes your contact lens products unique?

The optics. Our center-distance progressive addition (ADD) design results in a multi-focal contact lens with extended depth of focus and an effective functional universal ADD.

This simplifies fit, reduces chair time and improves outcomes. In myopic children, NaturalVue Multifocal lens (NVMF) has been shown to reduce the progression of refractive myopia and to reduce axial lengthening. In presbyopic adults, the design provides spectacle level vision at all ranges with the equivalent of up to three diopters of ADD.

Could you tell us about your latest product and what makes it different?

We will soon launch our NaturalVue Multifocal lens in a toric version. Through the NaturalVue MF Toric, 90% of axes will be covered by only two lens orientations. Combining this toric design with our universal ADD results in a fit set that can be carried conveniently in a practitioner’s office.

This commoditisation and mass-channelling of contact lenses has not been ideal for practitioners, or in some cases, for patients’ eye health.

Dr Stephen Snowdy, CEO, speaks to OT

What are Visioneering Technologies ambitions for the next 12 months?

Over the next year, we plan on continuing to expand outside the United States through partnerships with other companies. We also plan to launch new products that are both organic to VTI, and perhaps from other companies looking to take advantage of our sales force. This expansion outside the States will accompany continued growth in penetration within the US. 

What are the key external factors the company is taking into account when planning for the future and why? 

Contact lenses are increasingly being commoditised. This commoditisation and mass-channelling of contact lenses has not been ideal for practitioners, or in some cases, for patients’ eye health. We have adopted a strategy of serving the eye care practitioners and their patients by developing unique products that are only sold to practitioners who are properly trained in our products, who properly monitor their patients, and whom we actively support.

Stephen Snowdy
Dr Stephen Snowdy, CEO, speaks to OT

Are there any new products in development that customers should be aware of?

We constantly strive to improve our products. We are exploring some physical design changes and packaging solution changes for NaturalVue Multifocal and other modalities and materials for the lens. We are also looking to release a toric version of the product in 2020. Also, in order to increase availability in Europe, we expect that Menicon will launch across the continent throughout 2020.