Menicon launches e-learning academy

The platform aims to help practitioners understand the features of the Menicon Miru range of contact lens products

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Menicon has launched an e-learning academy with the first in a series of free modules to help practitioners to understand the features of the Menicon Miru range of contact lens products.

Along with encouraging professional development, the learning platform aims to enhance practitioners’ understanding of how to maximise success with contact lens fitting.

Managing director of Menicon UK, Kevin Mitchell, commented: “We believe that the Menicon e-learning academy will prove extremely helpful to ECPs and their optical colleagues. We’ve had excellent feedback from online learning trials and we’re sure the modules will prove to be extremely popular.”

Mr Mitchell confirmed to OT that while Menicon had already been planning to launch the e-learning academy, “It made sense to bring these plans forward to help during this pandemic.”

Lasting around ten minutes, each module will be presented with a variety of video, audio, animation, text and interactive self-reflection questions to explore the key wearer benefits.

Optometrist and Menicon European professional services director, Neil Retallic, explained that the modules were launched in response to an increased number of requests for training about how to best match wearers’ needs to contact lens recommendations.

“We have created these modules to help support our customers in a simple, interactive format that can be viewed anywhere, any time on any digital device,” he added.

“The pandemic has resulted in more spare time for many people to improve their industry knowledge and educate themselves on products or options for their patients,” Mr Retallic commented, adding: “Furloughed staff, too, are allowed to undertake training so it is a good way for practices to widen the knowledge base of their staff and to plan for the future.”

The Miru 1day Flat Pack will be the first product to be featured, with the module introducing the eco-friendly Flat Pack design and the benefits of the products’ Smart Touch technology. The next module in the series will focus on the Miru 1 month family of lenses.

Alongside the launch of the e-learning academy, Menicon has launched a competition with ten winners to be randomly selected from a pool of participants who complete the module by Thursday 30 April.