CooperVision launches Learning Academy

The company has brought forward the launch of its eLearning platform to support staff training

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CooperVision has brought forward the launch of its eLearning platform, the CooperVision Learning Academy, to support staff training as many practices close their doors due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The platform will host online training courses aimed at developing the communication, clinical and technical skills of clinical and retail staff in optical practices across the UK and Ireland.

The launch of the platform will be supported by a campaign titled Self isolation? Self-education to encourage the use of the tool.

Commenting on the early launch of the CooperVision Learning Academy, professional services consultant and Learning Academy project manager, Pauline Bradford, told OT: “The platform was due to launch originally in May and has been brought forward to support members of the contact lens industry during this time.”

“They now have an unexpected opportunity to reflect on their business and form plans for the future, so it’s important to make the most of this time,” she continued.

Ms Bradford added: “This is an unnerving period of change for everyone at the moment, but time away from the daily routine is also an opportunity for self-development, to improve our knowledge and to focus on the future. ‘Self-isolation? Self-education’ is the perfect way to support this.”

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CooperVision Learning Academy will offer training topics for members of the whole practice team

The Learning Academy will launch with eight training topics, covering selection of the right contact lenses for customers, communication tips, contact lens prescribing and aftercare, and improvement of the customer experience in business.

CooperVision has made the platform open access to include members of the industry who are not customers or do not have their account number available. The Learning Academy will be open for those across the industry, including locum practitioners, undergraduate students, and pre-registration and trainee clinicians.

“The purpose of the platform it to upskill the whole practice team, so there are modules designed for both clinical and non-clinical staff. When an online learning account is created, users have an opportunity to select their role and they will be shown the appropriate modules,” Ms Bradford explained.

The site and courses are free to use and can be accessed on most devices. Each module takes around 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed any time of day.

In the future CooperVision plans to expand the site to include a webinar training platform, designed to host interactive training (including CET accredited materials) for eye care practitioners, business owners and support staff.

Commenting on what CooperVision hope this offering will mean for practitioners during the outbreak, Ms Bradford said: “I hope they will take the opportunity to refresh their contact lens knowledge and review the way contact lenses are communicated within the practice setting in order to make the most of the business opportunity they present.”

“Many practitioners have recently become more aware of the true value of their contact lens business by receiving an income that continues even when the doors are closed,” she continued, concluding: “Hopefully when the doors reopen this will help them get back into a strong and sustainable business position whilst at the same time meeting the needs of more of their patients.”

Practitioners can access the eLearning platform via the CooperVision Learning Academy page.

OT endeavours to keep the most up-to-date news on our website and this information was correct when published. However, the situation regarding COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. Please check OT’s rolling optics-specific coverage for the latest news and guidance on COVID-19.