Alcon launch new eye drops for dry eye sufferers

Alcon is expanding its Systane family of products with a preservative-free option for dry eye sufferers

eye drops
Alcon has introduced Systane Hydration Preservative-Free (PF), a new option for dry eye sufferers with sensitive eyes who are in need of long-lasting relief.

Launched at SECO International 2020, the solution is the latest addition to the Systane family of products and can be used as a protectant against further irritation and to relieve dryness.

Systane Hydration PF features proprietary hydroBoost technology, a combination of inactive ingredients that help to retain the dual active lubricants on the ocular surface.

These include sodium hyaluronate, a moisturising substance found naturally in tears, and HP-Guar, which forms a web-like layer over the eye to provide better moisture coverage and absorption.

The company suggests the latest product will be most beneficial for patients with sensitive, dry eyes who use lubricating drops more than four to six times a day, or those experiencing aqueous deficient dry eye.

Sean Clark, general manager for US Vision Care at Alcon, commented: “At Alcon, we know the importance of having options for eye care professionals and their dry eye patients – that’s why we are proud to add Systane Hydration PF to our market-leading dry eye, over-the-counter portfolio.”

Systane Hydration PF will be available in 30 single-use vials in select retail stores as well as online from early March.

“Every dry eye patient has unique needs and it’s important to have accessible dry eye artificial tear options that are preservative-free and provide long-lasting symptom relief, which is an essential part of any dry eye regimen," said Walter O. Whitley, from Virginia Eye Consultants in Norfolk, Virginia.