Practitioners increasingly moving patients to one-day contact lenses

CooperVision has shared results from a survey of US and European practitioners and patients

Contact lens on finger

Practitioners in the US and Europe are increasingly fitting one-day contact lenses, according to a new report from CooperVision.

CooperVision found that 79% of US practitioners and 46% of European practitioners said that they are moving frequent replacement wearers to one-day solutions.

The shift is driven by eye health and comfort, the company highlighted, with practitioners reporting patient issues with previous contact lenses in 70% of cases who have switched.

Optometrist and vice president of global professional and clinical affairs at CooperVision, Gary Orsborn, said: “It’s clear that eye professionals are moving in large numbers to refit frequent replacement wearers to one-day contact lenses, with many also citing the health benefits of silicone hydrogel materials.”

The findings are based on a survey of 450 eye care practitioners and 2000 contact lens wearers in the US, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.

CooperVision explained that the report profiles the beliefs and behaviours that is leading the switch to one-day contact lenses from monthly and two-week modalities.