Seed launches 1DayPure Moisture

The owner of UltraVision has launched a daily disposable contact lens into the UK and Ireland

Seed1dayPure Moisture

Japanese contact lens manufacturer Seed has launched its daily disposable contact lens, 1DayPure Moisture, into the UK and Ireland. 

The company, which acquired UltraVision in April 2018, is currently promoting its products in Asia and “a large of portion of Europe.”

The contact lens utilises alginic acid, which is a formulated natural moisturising agent extracted from seaweeds, such as kelp or wakame.

Optometrist and clinical director at UltraVision, Lynn White, said: “Seed 1DayPure lenses are uniquely comfortable due to the presence of naturally occurring alginic acid in the packaging solution. This interacts with the lens surface, conferring excellent wettability throughout the day.”

Alginic acid attracts moisture to the patient’s eyes and retains tears on the surface of the lens in order to ensure all-day comfort, the company added.

1DayPure Moisture is manufactured from Seed’s ionic bond material, which ensures bio-compatibility and contains positive and negative ions for electrical stability. The company said this keeps dust and impurities away from the lens for better hygiene and comfort.

For further information, visit the Seed website.

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