Longer contact lens wear held back by comfort

Bausch + Lomb has shared findings from a new study to coincide with the launch of a contact lens for astigmatism

Bausch + Lomb contact lenses

A study published by Bausch + Lomb (B+L) has found that reusable contact lens wearers would like to prolong wear time.

It found that 72% of respondents wear their lenses for eight to 15 hours per day with 46% wanting to wear their lenses for longer.

The study of 250 contact lens patients was designed to find out more about the experience and future aspirations of patients who wear reusable contact lenses.

Business unit head of vision care at B+L, Amy Rothwell, said: “The survey findings show that reusable lens wearers are committed contact lens wearers who wear their lenses day in and day out and would like to wear their lenses even more but can be held back by lens comfort and visual sharpness which they indicate can decrease over time.”

B+L’s study found that 74% of respondents wear their contact lenses for five to seven days per week with monthly wearers (82%) wearing their lenses for more days per week than bi-weekly wearers (57%).

The company reported that 92% of respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with their reusable contact lenses and the same amount said they would still be wearing them in two years.

However, 39% have taken a break from their contact lenses with dry eyes (99%) and reduced sharpness of vision (73%) the two most common problems.

Over a third (36%) said they would change their current lens brand if better comfort could be ensured with 68% having to open a new packet before the end of the month or fortnight.

Patients’ relationship with their eye care professional was reported as being very or extremely important by 86% of respondents in order to resolve contact lens issues.

Over three-quarters of respondents (76%) said they chose their current brand of contact lens based on the recommendation of their eye care professional.

Ultimate comfort

The study has been published to coincide with B+L’s launch of Ultra for astigmatism, extending its existing Ultra range that includes Ultra spherical and Ultra for presbyopia.

Ms Rothwell added: “The B+L Ultra lenses have been designed for ultimate comfort and clear vision all day, every day of the month, so I’m delighted that B+L Ultra for astigmatism is now available to bring these benefits to more patients.”

B+L explained that Ultra utilises MoistureSeal Technology to deliver moisture retention and a highly wettable surface for long lasting wear.

It has an OpticAlign Design for stability and successful fitting, while its design also includes a thin tapered edge to minimise lid interaction and orientation marks to aid patients during application.

For further information, visit the B+L website

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