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Mark’ennovy launches made-to-order daily contact lenses

The Versa One Day Toric is designed to meet each patients’ individual needs

11 Sep 2018 by Andrew McClean

Mark’ennovy has launched Versa One Day Toric, a made-to-order daily contact lens that provides a wide range of spheres, cylinders and axes.

The hydrogel contact lens has a sphere range of ±10.00D, and a -0.75D to -5.75D cylinder range with axes of 0–180° in 5° steps.

Chairman and CEO of Mark’ennovy, George Sarrouf, said: “From our beginnings, we have catered to the uniqueness of each eye, and differentiated ourselves by providing eye care professionals with quality contact lenses that meet each patients’ individual needs.”

Available to order in 30 and 90 packs, Versa is designed for patients who are outdoor enthusiasts or part-time wearers.

It includes a handling tint, a water content of 55%, a diameter of 14.40mm and a base curve of 8.70mm.

For further information, visit the Mark’ennovy website.


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