CooperVision begins search for inspiring contact lens stories

A competition designed to celebrate the importance of chair time has been launched

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CooperVision has launched a competition to find the most inspiring contact lens stories and share them with the rest of the industry.

Stories from the chair is designed to highlight the value of chair time and celebrate the difference practitioners make when fitting contact lenses.

Practitioners are being invited to submit their stories to the CooperVision website, then the contact lens company will turn the 10 best anecdotes into short video case studies.

Senior marketing manager for the UK & Ireland at CooperVision, Lara Drury, explained that the company wants to highlight the stories where contact lenses have allowed a patient to achieve great things.

“Whether it’s in sport, overcoming insecurity or just making life that little bit better, we want to unearth these and share them with the rest of the industry as a reminder of the amazing things our profession can achieve and the importance of taking that extra little bit of time with patients in the chair,” she said.

Ms Drury added that it is also an opportunity for practitioners to raise their practice’s profile within the industry by being recognised as an example of best practice. 

Stories from the chair runs from 7 May–1 July. For further information, visit the CooperVision website.