No7 increases lens lab capacity

A new ophthalmic lathe is producing complex contact lens designs

No7 investment

No7 Contact Lenses has made a £100,000 investment to increase production capacity at its Hastings laboratory.

A new ultra-precision CNC ophthalmic lathe has been installed to manufacture complex contact lenses, such as spheric, aspheric, toric, defractive and other non-symmetrical designs.

Process and research and development manager at No7, Kevin Sanders, explained that the company is focused on providing the optimum solution for the most challenging visual demands.

“This new investment will strengthen our position at the forefront of innovation in lens design. This lathe has limitless capabilities and is going to play an important role in the development of new lenses,” he said.

“It also opens the way for more robotic automation, running Teamviewer which makes the transfer of files very immediate, wherever they are in the world. Not only is it designed to produce the most complex lenses but it will also increase our production considerably,” Mr Sanders added.