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Alleviating eye strain

The new contact lens for asthenopia is Safilens’ fourth in the Fusion collection

23 Jan 2018 by Andrew McClean

Safilens has launched the Fusion 1Day Vista contact lens for asthenopia, which features the company’s new D-Stress lens design.

D-Stress is based on Safilens’ patented afocal lens design for presbyopic patients, but is instead focused on reducing eye strain commonly associated with daily activities that overstress proximal vision, such as the use of handheld digital devices.

The Fusion 1Day Vista allows for a continuous controlled release of tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP), a natural tear substitute, to ensure long-lasting comfort in dry environments.

Research and development manager for Safilens, Alessandro Filippo, explained: “The aim of this design is to ensure an anti-fatigue effect. This alleviates the symptoms of eye strain, such as dry eye and headaches and, at the same time, prevents them, ensuring less accommodation stress and comfortable focus throughout the entire day."

It is the fourth addition to Safilens’ Fusion collection, which also includes spherical contact lenses, and options for treating presbyopia and astigmatism.The Fusion 1Day Vista is available now in German speaking markets, and will be launched in the UK later this year.


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