Alcon programme praised

BCLA president and Leightons & Tempany store director, Keith Tempany, highlights the work of the contact lens company's scholarship programme


Industry experts have highlighted the achievements of Alcon’s annual scholarship programme.

The Alcon Scholarship, which was launched in 2014, is designed to be a programme of education for newly-qualified optometrists that focuses on supporting them personally, clinically and professionally.

Reflecting on the programme, BCLA president and Leightons & Tempany store director, Keith Tempany, said: “When I graduated, these programmes didn't exist. Opportunities available for today’s optometrists, such as the Alcon Scholarship, gather people together at the same stage of their career and enhance their training. This is invaluable not only for the individuals but also for the future of the industry.”

The two-year programme consists of five courses, each lasting two days. Courses one to four are held at the Alcon Academy in Surrey, while the final course is held at the contact lens manufacturer's European facility.

Having taught on the programme this year, optometrist Indie Grewal explained that the programme “helps scholars take steps in practice and to overcome any insecurities, offering them a guiding hand.”

“Although we are all trained to do what we do, most of us are on a single track and the Alcon Scholarship helps optometrists appreciate that there are other avenues they can take,” he added.

Optometrists who wish to take part in the scholarship should have qualified in the last two to five years. To register your interest email [email protected]