No 7 launches new contact lenses

New contact lens introduced to practitioners at the BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition

No7 Contact Lenses launch a new lens at the BCLA Conference and Exhibition

No 7 Contact Lenses has launched a new lens that it has spent the last five years developing. 

Elements was introduced during at the British Contact Lens Association’s (BCLA) three-day Clinical Conference and Exhibition earlier this month.

No 7 professional services manager, Katie Harrop, explained that the new hybrid contact lens is specifically designed to overcome the issues of previous hybrid designs and labelled its launch an “important development” as practices take on more irregular corneal work that was previously hospital-based. 

She added: “As we see more post-refractive, post-graft corneas, these lenses will become a valuable tool in differentiation. By adding this to our specialist lens portfolio, we now have the complete solution to fitting irregular corneas, whether the preference is for light corneal touch, or full clearance. This new lens can certainly play a part in keeping patients away from grafts.” 

Elements is available is two diameters, 10mm and 8.5mm. The smaller diameter is designed for keratoconic eyes and No 7 expects it to be especially useful in hospitals because “the fitting strategy is familiar and no new sets are needed.”

No 7 is offering a ‘No-fit-no-fee’ policy with the lens, which it says highlights the confidence that it has in the design.