Daily silicone hydrogel lens for astigmatism patients

Contact lens wearers will have more options following the launch of CooperVision’s MyDay toric lens in the UK and Ireland

Contact lens

A daily toric disposable contact lens made from silicone hydrogel is now available for contact lens wearers in the UK and Ireland.

CooperVision has launched the MyDay toric contact lens. According to the company, the lens has the widest power range of all one-day toric lenses.

The lens is part of the MyDay family of lenses, which all display three key attributes.

The family of lenses feature long chain silicone molecules that support efficient oxygen delivery to the cornea, molecularly bonded hydrophilic groups to support optimal water content and low cross-link density that helps to make the lens soft.

UV protection within the lenses filtered out 85% of UVA rays, and 95% of UVB rays.

Senior vice president of global marketing at CooperVision, Guy Whittaker, told OT that eye care professionals had been asking about a toric lens since the MyDay family of lenses was first introduced to the UK and Ireland in 2013.

“We worked alongside them, listened to their needs and are excited to place the lens in their hands,” he emphasised.

Mr Whittaker highlighted that the MyDay toric lens gave patients with astigmatism a soft, comfortable lens wearing experience, with the lens stability and visual acuity associated with CooperVision’s other toric lens products.

Image credit: Laurence Derbyshire