Rose roadshows

Contact lens designer Paul Rose will feature at a series of roadshows on the Rose K2 portfolio for the irregular cornea

Contact lens designer, Paul Rose

The designer of the Rose K family of contact lenses, Paul Rose, is giving a series of lectures next month on ‘Rose K2 XL,’ plus the latest addition to the Rose K2 portfolio, the ‘Rose K2 Soft.’

The roadshows will be the week commencing 10 October and will visit the cities of Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and London.

Sales and marketing manager for David Thomas Contact Lenses, Gill Narramore, said: “Paul’s lens designs for the irregular cornea are now fitted in over 90 countries and the Rose K brand is currently the most prescribed brand for the irregular cornea in the world.”

The new ‘Rose K2 Soft’ is a daily wear soft lens specifically for irregular corneas and uses the same simple, five-step fitting method common to all Rose K designs.

Ms Narramore said: “It features an aspheric back optic zone, reverse curve geometry, front surface toricity and front surface aberration control for optimal visual acuity. It also offers precise edge lift control, prism ballast stabilisation, and an Assometric Corneal Technology option to aid contact lens fitting.”

Mr Rose retired from practice in 2011 after specialising in rigid contact lenses, particularly keratoconus and post graft, for over 40 years. He continues to do research and develop new Rose K products.

To register an interest in the roadshows, email David Thomas Contact Lenses.