Adding Vitality to Avaira

CooperVision launches enhanced new monthly contact lenses ‘for the same price as Avaira’

07 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

Contact lens manufacturer, CooperVision, has launched its Avaira Vitality monthly silicone hydrogel contact lenses.

The company is highlighting that the new lenses enable practitioners to “easily upgrade patients to a superior performing lens at the same cost as Avaira.”

CooperVision emphasises that the new contact lenses deliver all of the features that has made Avaira popular. However, Avaira Vitality is enhanced with an even higher water content, alongside improved protection with a Class 1 UV filter.

Avaira Vitality is said to offer patients a healthier, more comfortable wearing experience, as the new contact lenses are naturally and uniformly wettable, with a low modulus and high oxygen transmissibility. An improved UV filter now blocks 90% of UVA and 99% UVB radiation.

When surveyed, the majority of patients rated Avaira Vitality as the strongly preferred choice versus Avaira by 15:1 across a range of key criteria including comfort, dryness, handling and vision. In the survey, 94% of those wearers also said they would be likely to switch from Avaira to Avaira Vitality.

The company is highlighting that the fitting characteristics of the new contact lens mean that refitting existing Avaira patients requires no additional chair time.

Commenting on the new lens, CooperVision’s head of marketing and professional services, Mark Draper, said: “As a company we’re continually looking to innovate and enhance our product portfolio to offer practitioners and patients the best performing lenses possible.

“Avaira Vitality capitalises on all of the existing benefits of Avaira, such as excellent visual acuity and comfort, while also taking the contact lens to a superior level with the addition of several significant enhancements. The product’s clinical performance speaks for itself, outperforming Avaira on several major patient considerations.”

Avaira Vitality contact  lenses are available in powers from +8.00 to -12.00 (0.50 steps after +/- 6.00).

For more details information, visit the CooperVision website.


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