'Barely noticeable' progressive contacts

Bausch & Lomb’s latest presbyopia contact lens promises to stay comfortable to the end of the day

13 Jun 2016 by Olivia Wannan

Bausch & Lomb Ultra contact lensesPresbyopia patients will not have to miss out on the day-long comfort offered by Bausch & Lomb’s latest contact lens technology. The soon-to-be-released Ultra contact lenses with ‘MoistureSeal’ technology, to be sold in the UK from next month, will also be offered in a three-zone progressive design.

The lens material maximises its concentration of polyvinylpyrrolidone, which boosts the moisture retention of the contact lens throughout the day. After 16 hours of wear, the contact lenses still have 95% of their moisture.

The new material is also softer and has high oxygen transmission, emphasised Bausch & Lomb-affiliated ocular specialist, Francesca Marchetti, to OT.

“The patient can barely notice they have a lens in,” she added.

Ms Marchetti said the new contact lens was developed to ease the strain on the eye, which is already burdened in a world where it is frequently exposed to digital technology and screens.

“In practice I have so many of my patients come in and say, ‘My eyes were fine before I started working on a computer’ or ‘Ever since I got my new iPhone my eyes have gone downhill.’ People actually see that their eyes have changed and got worse since using digital technology.”

Computer use slows down a person’s blinking rate and could lead to incomplete or ‘flick blinks’ that left the lower part of the eye dry and unprotected by the tear film.

Ms Marchetti said the benefits of the new Ultra contact lenses would help to address such issues, and could also decrease contact lens drop off rates.

“It’s the end-of-the-day comfort that’s important,” she highlighted.

For more information, visit the Bausch & Lomb website.

Image credit: Bausch & Lomb


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