CooperVision opens applications for awards program

Contact lens manufacturer calls for Science and Technology Award submissions

CooperVision chief technology officer, Arthur Black

CooperVision has issued a call for submissions for its annual Science and Technology Awards (S&T Awards) Program.

Now in its fourth year, the contact lens manufacturer is seeking proposals in three specific areas of research. These include strategies to improve contact lens comfort, insights into the retinal response from optical defocus and technologies to expand the functionality of contact lenses as a wearable device for application beyond conventional vision correction.

Speaking about the purpose of the awards program, chief technology officer at CooperVision, Arthur Black, said: "At CooperVision, we are constantly working towards the next development in contact lens technology in order to deliver the greatest benefits to current and future contact lens wearers.

“These advancements start with innovative ideas, sometimes from outside sources, such as our S&T Award recipients. To give these scientists the opportunity to apply their research – especially in partnership with CooperVision’s own scientists – is mutually beneficial for all involved.”

The program is open to researchers globally, with two types of awards available. The first is the CooperVision Seedling Award which was established to encourage collaboration between a practitioner and CooperVision on a new area of research for one year, with a maximum grant of $100,000.

The second is the CooperVision Translational Research Award, which is a multi-year grant for a substantive translational research project, with funding for two years of up to $400,000.

Interest must be expressed by applicants no later than 30 May, with applications covering a full proposal by 29 August. For more information and to apply, visit the CooperVision website.