Dry eye kit launched by contact lens company

Bausch & Lomb believes its new Dry Eye Kit is a complete solution for dry eye symptoms

02 Mar 2016 by Emily McCormick

BL dry eye kitContact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb (B+L) has launched its new Dry Eye Kit in the UK.

Designed to support practitioners, as well as their patients, the kit is said to “give the patient a complete solution to care for dry eye symptoms in one easy pack.”

The kit contains: Artelac Rebalance, Artelac Nighttime Gel, Biotrue daily eyelid wipes and a Therapearl Eye-ssential Mask. Combined, B+L believes that it is the only dry eye pack on the market to offer complete 24-hour relief from the symptoms of dry eye.

B+L launched the dry eye kit to address this increasing area of concern for practitioners and their patients, which can be attributed to increased use of screen devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The contact lens company believes that practitioners are in a unique position to provide useful dry eye advice to their patients, to improve patients’ quality of life and drive customer loyalty.


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