New BCLA course launched on RGP contact lenses

Training day to be held at Aston University next month

18 Nov 2015 by Robina Moss

The British Contact Lens Association (BCLA) has announced a new training day focusing on rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. 

Taking place on Sunday 6 December at Aston University, it will offer practitioners of all levels the opportunity to learn about RGPs for the first time, or to update their knowledge on the latest advances with these lenses and their place in modern contact lens practice.

BCLA education committee chair, Andrew Elder Smith, said: “This newly developed course offers a unique opportunity for practitioners at all stages of their career to enhance and develop their gas permeable lens fitting skills.

He added: “About one in 12 contact lens wearers are wearing RGPs and more could benefit from the latest mini-scleral and OrthoK designs. The course will give attendees the knowledge, practical skills and confidence to build their contact lens practice.”

The course will open with an overview of RGP lenses. It will then divide into two tracks, both with a high degree of interactivity and hands-on content. 

The first track is designed for practitioners wishing to develop their core skills and is aimed at pre-regs, student contact lens opticians, newly qualified practitioners and those returning to RGP fitting after a break. It will focus on revising fitting skills, including indications for RGP contact lenses, design materials and fitting theory, aftercare, patient management and practical tips.

The second track is for more experienced practitioners wishing to develop skills in topography, OrthoK, fitting irregular corneas and sclerals. It will look at OrthoK and myopia control, scleral and mini-scleral lenses, RGP lenses for presbyopia and topography to the limbus and beyond.

For more information, visit the BCLA website.


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