Vision Foundation launches Vision Fund

The charity’s initiative aims to transform the lives of people living with sight loss

child reading
The Vision Foundation has launched a new initiative that is designed to fund projects that are changing the lives of people living with visual impairment in London.

The Vision Fund is available to projects that address one of three key priorities: opening London up, empowering those at risk and preventing avoidable sight loss.

Opening London up is focused on increasing access to the cultural, economic and social opportunities of the capital.

Empowering those at risk aims to address the “double disadvantage” experienced by those in black, Asian and minority ethnic communities who are facing sight loss, as well as the consequences of sight loss such as a heightened risk of domestic violence, poverty and mental health.

Preventing avoidable sight loss looks to interventions that address the rising number of people living with sight loss in London.

Chief executive of the Vision Foundation, Olivia Curno, said: “London is an incredible city but for many blind and partially sighted people the capital is out of reach. Three quarters of visually impaired people of working age are not in paid employment – that’s the equivalent of about 700 London buses full of people unable to find work. Our new fund will challenge London to put accessibility first and make sure blind and partially sighted people are not left out.”