Locumotive volunteers test the sight of 1000 people in India

The eight day trip was led by Locumotive optometrist Gautam Passi

volunteers with patients in India
A team of UK optometrists and dispensing opticians have travelled to India to provide free eye care and spectacles to those in need.

The trip was organised by app-based optical recruiters, Locumotive, and lead locum optometrist, Gautam Passi, who gathered a group of practitioners and set up eye camps across multiple villages in Punjab, Northern India. They provided free sight tests to an estimated 1000 people and prescription spectacles when required.

The team focused their work in rural villages that have no access to basic eye care, spending eight days in the area earlier this month (5–13 October). The Locumotive eye camp is a non-profit charity established with the sole purpose of practitioners using their skills as professionals to help make a difference.

Speaking about the trip, Mr Passi, told OT: “The impact on these people’s lives was amazing, many of those never had a sight test before let alone glasses. We wear able to give people the opportunity to improve their quality of life, by giving them sight that they thought they lost.”

Mr Passi confirmed that the group will return to the area in October 2020.

For more information on how to get involved in the 2020 eye camps, email Locumotive or visit its website.