Potential of sight-saving drugs for AMD patients explored

Funding for research has been announced during Macular Week

Scientists at Queen’s University Belfast have secured funding from Fight for Sight to explore the potential of drugs that could prevent or slow down sight loss for patients living with age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

The research, which has been announced during Macular Week (24–30 June), will investigate if the drugs can boost the capacity of blood vessels to repair themselves in the back of the eye.

Professor Alan Stitt (pictured), Dr Reinhold Medina and Dr Imre Lengyel will lead the research into the potential of the drugs for AMD patients, with clinical trials already being carried out for other conditions such as stroke.

Speaking about the research, Professor Stitt said: “Our hope is that our work could lead to an entirely new, exciting and beneficial treatment for patients with this type of AMD where there are few current options.”

Director of policy and innovation at Fight for Sight, Dr Neil Ebenezer, added: “We’re delighted to announce funding for this project and what better time than at the start of Macular Week 2019.”