Essilor foundation launches US kids vision campaign

Foundation provides one million spectacles across the US

A women holding spectacles

Essilor Vision Foundation has donated one million pairs of spectacles to people across the US since it began in 2007.

The company confirmed that it had reached the milestone last week (1 February) as it launched a new campaign that focuses on the importance of children’s vision that aims to ensure all children see clearly.

The One Million Magic Moments initiative will celebrate the moments experienced by children when they receive glasses. The year-long campaign will also educate parents about the importance of children’s eye health.

In the US it is estimated that 10 million children live with blurred vision, while one in four children have a vision problem that will affect their ability to learn.

Commenting on the spectacles donation milestone, president and executive director at the foundation, Becky Palm, said: “We are thrilled to have made clear vision a reality for more than one million people, but we did not do it alone. We are tremendously grateful to the eye care professionals, schools, vision non-profits and community advocates who support us and rallied to provide over one million people with glasses.”

It costs $50 for the Essilor Vision Foundation to provide a child with a sight test and glasses at no cost to their family.

Image credit: Getty