Tech support for visually impaired

Charity establishes a helpline specifically to support people with digital assistive technology

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The Macular Society has launched a new technical support service to help people with macular disease get to grips with digital assistive technology.

Through the service, the charity will offer guidance to anyone who need help using gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, digital magnifiers and other assistive technology.

The charity decided to establish the new service following an increasing number of calls from people struggling with technology. If the service is successful, the Macular Society plans to develop the roles of its existing digital volunteers, and potentially recruit people to deliver regional support of this kind at macular support group meetings across the UK.

Head of service delivery for the Macular Society, Tessa Barrett, explained: “Digital assistive technology plays a crucial role in helping people with sight loss to live their day-to-day lives. With new gadgets and technology being developed all the time, this will only become more important, so it’s essential that we have the necessary resources in place to meet the increasing demand for technical support.”

Ms Barrett confirmed that many of the calls received by the charity’s main helpline already come from people who want to ask questions about how to use their smartphones, tablets or other equipment.

“Going forward, we will be able to offer comprehensive technical support across a greater range of gadgets and technology,” she said.