Golfing for charity

Golf day fundraisers for Fight for Sight

Fight For Sight golf day

A charity golf day has raised £1800 for eye research charity Fight for Sight.

The tournament was held at Shooters Hill Golf Club in London, with 72 golfers taking part. It was organised by the Tommy Salisbury Choroideremia Fund, a fundraising initiative established by the family of Tommy Salisbury, who was diagnosed with the rare inherited condition at the age of five.

The Fund has raised more than £500,000 since it was established a decade ago.

Emma Salisbury explained that the funds raised from the golf day will be used to support Professor Miguel Seabra’s research into the condition at University College London.

“Our money is enabling Professor Seabra to expand his team and therefore achieve his goal of developing a treatment for choroideremia sooner,” she said.