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Blindfolded driving

John Playfair drives racing car blindfolded to raise awareness of his genetic sight-threatening condition

14 Apr 2018 by Emily McCormick

A man who is losing his sight as a result of late onset retinal degeneration is fundraising money for research into his condition.

John Playfair raced a rally car blindfolded as he completed a lap around Knockhill race circuit while being guided around the course by his daughter (pictured).

Speaking about the experience earlier this week, the 61-year-old from East Lothian said: “I found it exciting and exhilarating. Although at times terrifying, my daughter did a tremendous job keeping me on the straight and narrow. This challenge was unusual but with my interest in motor sport it’s something it was something I was keen to find out if it was possible and what standard I can achieve.”

Late onset retinal degeneration is a genetic condition that leads to loss of sight in later life.

Mr Playfair explained: “It can be passed from one generation to the next and I am keen to raise awareness and funds to assist ongoing research into the condition. Tremendous advances have been made, but more could be achieved with increased funding for research into treatment options.”

To make a donation, visit Mr Playfair’s JustGiving page. 


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