Optical Express supports Sightsavers with procedure donation

The multiple will give £30 to the charity for every lens replacement procedure until 30 November

12 Oct 2017 by Emily McCormick

Optical Express has pledged to give £30 to Sightsavers for every lens replacement procedure that is booked from 12 October until 30 November.

The multiple has set the donation fee based on figures which show that £30 is the average cost of giving someone “the gift of sight.”

To further support Sightsavers, a charity that works in developing countries to help support children and adults with visual impairments, Optical Express will host a range of in-store fundraising activities from World Sight Day today (12 October).

Through the fundraising, the multiple aims to be able to help restore the sight of over 500 people in developing countries by giving them access to the operations and treatment they require, as well help to train eye care workers and surgeons.

CEO at Optical Express, David Moulsdale, said: “We are delighted to partner with Sightsavers ahead of World Sight Day. Shockingly, 80% of all visual impairment around the world is preventable or can be treated. Millions of people would be able to see if they had access to simple surgery or glasses – the type of care we take for granted in the UK.”


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