Students provide free eye tests for the homeless

University of Bradford optometry students and staff give up their weekend for annual charity event

University of Bradford Access to Eyecare volunteers

Optometry students at the University of Bradford have once again successfully hosted Access to Eyecare, an event that offers free eye tests and spectacles to their local homeless population.

Last month (27 February), the Bradford Eye Clinic opened its doors at the weekend to allow third-year optometry students, supervised by their mentors, to put their newly developed skills to good use.

Originally founded by two former students, the event has now run for two consecutive years, seeing students, staff and sponsors give up their free time to ensure its success.

Event co-organiser and treasurer for the University of Bradford’s optometry society, Radhika Chaudhari, told OT: “In total we were able to see 20 patients in the Bradford area, 17 of which we provided glasses for. We are very glad to have been able to help so many people, especially considering how important eye health and eye care is with the growing population.

“We wanted to thank all staff and students who gave up their Saturday to take part in the event and sponsors, without whom the event wouldn’t have been a success.”

Image credit: Radhika Chaudari