Online retailer donates $2m worth of eyewear

SmartBuyGlasses has donated 10,000 pairs of spectacles to people in the developing world

30 Sep 2015

An online retailer has donated $2m (USD) worth of eyewear to people in the developing world. SmartBuyGlasses reached the milestone following a donation of 10,000 pairs of spectacles to people living in Ghana.

The frames are collected through the company’s ‘Buy one, give one’ initiative and has been working with the charity, Unite for Sight, since 2009 in order to ensure the frames reach people living in developing countries who need spectacles.

The amount of spectacles which has been donated by the retailer over the last six years has given more than 78,000 people living in the developing world access to much needed vision correction.

Chief social officer at SmartBuyGlasses, Jackie Tsui, commented: “We have helped over 78,000 people all over the world and our latest shipment of glasses to Ghana was our largest to date. We hope that over the next six months we can hit our next milestone of $3m (USD).”


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