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My inspiration

Growing up in Glasgow: When Eilidh met Morven

Lecturer in Vision Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University and AOP councillor, Dr Eilidh Martin, speaks with OT  about people that have inspired her during her studies and career in optics


Who is your inspiration and can you tell us more about them?

Morven Campbell is an optometrist in Glasgow. She was one of my local optometrists when I was growing up, at a time when my myopia was developing, and I attended the practice she worked in for sight tests. This was around the time I started wearing contact lenses.

Can you remember when you first met her and what your first impressions were?

I am not sure when exactly it was, but I remember Morven being very encouraging and happy to answer any questions I had about the profession. It also seemed to me that she was very passionate about her work and that was something I wanted for my future career.

I worked with Morven when I was an undergraduate optometry student and she was endlessly patient with me as I asked a lot of questions. I don’t think she will realise how much she actually helped me

Eilidh Martin, lecturer and AOP Councillor

Did she play a part in your decision to study optometry or shape any of your career choices?

I did my school work experience at the practice I attended and that Morven worked in. I remember her being so engaging and willing to spend time with me during that week to allow me to see what the job involves.

Why did you decide to study optometry?

I wanted to do something in healthcare and ideally a subject that combined physics and biology as those were my two sciences at school. So, I narrowed it down to optometry and physiotherapy. It then came down to my own experiences with optometrists growing up and seeing the difference they made to me and realising I could do the same for other people.

Morven Campbell
Morvan Campbell, optometrist and dispensing optician

What attributes do you like most about her?

Morven is a very good teacher; she can explain clinical details in such a clear way. I worked with Morven when I was an undergraduate optometry student and she was endlessly patient with me as I asked a lot of questions. I don’t think she will realise how much she actually helped me. She is also a regular contributor to BBC Radio Scotland as their optometrist for all eye related questions and is so good with patients.

What piece of advice has she given you that you think readers would also find helpful?

I don’t think I could pinpoint one piece of advice. I have known Morven for years now and she taught me so much as a student.

Dr Eilidh Martin at the AOP

Is there anyone else that inspires you?

My pre-registration supervisor, Dr Ross Henderson, was just fantastic and I fully blame him for my transition to academia. He talked about his post-graduate studies and PhD in such favourable terms that I was looking into that a year or so after qualifying.

Contact lens expert, Professor Nathan Efron, is such an inspiration in my current role as a lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University. His contact lens textbooks are such fantastic teaching tools and a brilliant resource for students.

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