Dispensing optician recognised for his low vision work

A Newport practitioner is the only person in Wales to receive the award

07 Jun 2017 by Emily McCormick

Dispensing optician Russell Ham, who specialises in care for visually impaired patients attending Specsavers’ Newport practice, has been named as the only recipient of a ‘five-star’ award in Wales that acknowledges his work in low vision.  

Recognised with the award by the Wales Council for the Blind, Mr Ham was presented with the accolade from the Welsh Assembly member, Rhun ap Iorwerth. He was nominated by his patients, who “praised the high level of care he has shown them during 13 years at Specsavers,” the council said. 

Commenting on the award, Mr Ham said: “I feel honoured and somewhat humbled that my patients took the time to put me forward for such an award. I get great satisfaction from enabling people to enjoy a better quality of life and independence and to be recognised for that work is wonderful.” 

He added: “I hope the award demonstrates the high quality of care and support we are able to provide to low vision patients in Newport.” 

The dispensing optician is low vision accredited with the NHS Low Vison Service Wales and currently has 468 low vision patients under his care. 


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    I would like to add my congratulations to Russell for doing what all optms and Do's could be doing ie using their training to provide care and support to patients who not only require spectacles or contact lenses but also to those who require additional forms of LVA's. I understand the NHS service is different in Wales to England but I think it would be really useful to understand more about how his practice business model supports LVA work on the High Street. For instance does he advertise the fact that he is prepared to offer care and support to VIP (visually Impaired Person)'s or does he only offer the service to NHS patients?

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