Obituary: Peter Braddy

Tribute to former regional manager of Dollond & Aitchison

Peter Braddy

OT is sad to report the death of optometrist Peter Braddy, 82, who died at the beginning of December 2015 following a short illness.

Mr Braddy was well known among optometrists and dispensing opticians for his work in many practices in south London, especially Bexley Heath, where he supervised at least a dozen pre-reg optometrists over the years.

His friend, Brian Keefe, former professional services director of Dollond & Aitchison, said: “Soon after qualifying in 1955–6, Peter was called up to do his National Service so he spent two years as an army optometrist.

“After leaving the forces, he worked for Hudson Verity Opticians, initially in Victoria in central London. When Hudson Verity and Dollond & Aitchison amalgamated, Peter was invited to be a regional director and was subsequently appointed as regional general manager of the Dollond & Aitchison London region during the mid-1980s.”

Mr Keefe told OT: “The popular image of a regional general manager in any profession or business is someone who is ambitious at all costs and aggressive, but nothing could have been further from the truth in Peter's case.

“He was gentle and considerate and genuinely concerned for the people who worked for him. He typified the 'sell' an idea rather than the 'tell' style of management.

“He subsequently returned to his first love – being in practice – until his retirement.”