SVUK announces its course dates for 2017

Schoolvision and Sportvision diploma courses being held in Derby, with certificate events being planned for optical assistants and receptionists

SVUK 2017 conferences

SVUK has announced that its next Schoolvision and Sportvision diploma courses for optometrists and dispensing opticians will be held in Derby, at the Hilton East Midlands Airport Hotel.

For 2017 the company is also planning certificates in Schoolvision and Sportvision for optical assistants, receptionists, sports coaches and teachers.

The courses will offer a general introduction to Schoolvision and Sportvision. The cost will be £295, with a 25% discount for a second member of an optical practice.

The next Schoolvision course for optometrists will be on 26–28 February and it will be held again on 6–8 August.

Explaining the benefits of the course, SVUK managing director, optometrist Geraint Griffiths, said: “Not only does Schoolvision answer fundamental questions about reading difficulties and dyslexia, giving opticians the opportunity to radically improve learning outcomes, it also improves practice profitability and provides a unique selling point.”

Mr Griffiths added: “In an industry of big brands and High Street chains, Schoolvision can provide a lifeline for independent practitioners.”

He continued: “Ground-breaking research is now underway at Hemyock School in Somerset, which aims to help teachers screen their own children. Those children at risk will then be referred to a local Schoolvision or Sportvision practitioner to manage their academic and sporting progress.”

The Sportvision diploma course for optometrists will be on 2–4 April and again on 27–29 August, leading to the Diploma in Sportvision Practice.

Mr Griffiths, who owns Optical3 Opticians in Leicestershire, told OT: “Research has firmly established a direct link between vision and sporting performance, both for the general public and for elite athletes.

“Additionally many sports require protection from impact, dust and glare, and the use of coatings to enhance contrast has become widespread. Despite this, many sportspeople still do not associate visual skills with sporting performance.”

He highlighted: “This is a new approach to optometry which concentrates on youth, vigour, visual enhancement, healthy living and high fashion. It gets away from the traditional perception of eye tests associated with old age, failing eyesight, disease and the stigma of wearing glasses.”

Mr Griffiths concluded: “The diplomas in Sportvision and Schoolvision have now been running for 11 years and have seen more than 316 practitioners qualify.”

The company’s annual conference next year will be held on 24 September in Bristol.

For more information, visit the Sportvision website.