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Bausch & Lomb's Wendy Sethi offers advice on effectively speaking to patients about contact lenses

29 Apr 2016 by Emily McCormick

As eye care practitioners, we agree that our patients should be able to make an informed choice as to how their vision is corrected, and therefore it is incumbent on us to see they are informed of all options.

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    Nothing I would like more than to get patients in to the latest contact lenses. BUT... There is not a safe, fair, level playing field. We are all super regulated- fine The requirement to hand out a specification so they can disappear for 10 years to buy unchecked from the internet until they have a big problem which will be my fault. Daysoft are suppling equivalent lenses, not SiH, or same base/ diameter/ material. The GOC thinks the answer is a good trader scheme, its not. The specification should go from practitioner to practitioner directly along with helpful details to continue good care. This could go by phone, letter, email etc and responsibility goes with it. Any medical stuff going by post without UK documentation and licensing should be stopped. This would also stop dangerous fake drugs etc. In this system I would happily fit 10 times the lenses.

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