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On top of hygiene, part 2

OT  poses a monthly scenario from a practitioner. This month, we focus on the second part of our series on hygiene – looking at requirements in the practice

07 Feb 2016 by Lauren Barnie

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    I'm not sure the guidance on waste disposal is clear - for example we do use a waste disposal contractor but we have a yellow box with purple lid for minims (cyto unit), a yellow box with blue lid for time expired contact lenses and tonometer probes (pharmibin) - the company didn't seem sure themselves first on what was necessary though!

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    This is really interesting and topical – thank you. The thing that surprises me is the number of practices that have just one waste container (Yellow & Green pharmaceutical) for the whole building, then a small stationary bin/pot in each consulting room which gets emptied into the official waste bin periodically. Is this advisable?

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